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The most important measure to preserve natural resources and to protect the environment is using alternative enegry.

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... konulu sunumlar: "The most important measure to preserve natural resources and to protect the environment is using alternative enegry."— Sunum transkripti:

1 What measures have already been taken to preserve natural resources and protect the environment?

2 The most important measure to preserve natural resources and to protect the environment is using alternative enegry.


Renewable Energy Resources Nonrenewable Energy Resources


6 1. Hydro Energy Turkey is a adventegeous country in terms of hydro energy. Especially, at the eastern part of Turkey, hydroelectric stations produce great amount of electrical energy. 485 hydroelectric stations are planning to be built to make use of the hydroelectric potential of the rivers.

Gross Potantial (GWh/year) Technical Potantial (GWh/year) Economic Potantial (GWh/year) WORLD EUROPE TURKEY


9 2. Geothermal Energy The General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration of Turkey (MTA) started geothermal investigations in 1962. Up to now 170 geothermal fields have been identified. We use geothermal energy for thermal tourism, greenhouses and to produce electricity.

10 3. Solar Energy We use Solar Collectors to transform solar energy into caloric energy. Tübitak (Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Institution) -Marmara Investigation Centre and some of the universities are working on various solar energy systems.

11 Some college students in Turkey designed a car that runs by solar energy. They designed it for the Tübitak’s ((Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Institution) Formula G 2007 competition.

12 4. Biomass Energy Again, Tübitak developed a project about Biomass Energy Systems in 2006 and had students research and study on it. This project also was a succesful one in terms of the usage of this altenrative system.

13 5. Wave and Tides Energy Marmara University made a project about wave energy. They calculated the cost and analysised the most suitable region for it.


15 6. Wind Energy The first wind station was built in İzmir.

Location Company Comm. Date Installed Cap.(MW) Turbine manufacturer Turbine capacity İzmir-Çeşme Alize A.Ş. 1998 1,50 Enercon 3 pieces 500kW Güçbirliği A.Ş. 7,20 Vestas 12 pieces 600kW Çanakkale-Bozcaada Bores A.Ş. 2000 10,20 17 pieces 600kW İstanbul-Hadımköy Sunjüt A.Ş. 2003 1,20 2 pieces 600kW Balıkesir-Bandırma Bares A.Ş. 2006 30,00 GE 20 pieces 1.500kW İstanbul-Silivri Ertürk A.Ş. 0,85 1 piece 850kw Mare A.Ş. 2007 39,20 49 pieces 800kW Manisa-Akhisar Deniz A.Ş. 10,80 6 pieces kW Çanakkale-İntepe Anemon A.Ş. 30,40 38 pieces 800kW

17 Çanakkale-Gelibolu Doğal A.Ş. 2007 14,90 Enercon 13 pieces 800 kW + 5 pieces 900 kW Hatay-Samandağ Deniz A.Ş. 2008 30,00 Vestas 15 pieces 2.000kW Manisa-Sayalar 30,60 38 pieces 800kW İzmir-Aliağa İnnores A.Ş. 42,50 Nordex 17 pieces kW İstanbul- Gaziosmanpaşa Lodos A.Ş. 24,00 12 pieces 2.000kW İstanbul-Çatalca Ertürk A.Ş. 60,00 20 pieces 3.000kW CAPACITY UNDER OPERATION: 333,35

18 7. Boron Boron is an element which is widely found in Turkey. We try to develop ideas to transform this element to a common energy resource. The energy produced by Boron does not damage the environment. Under the leadership of Bosphorus University, detailed surveys about this subject were established.

19 Countries Visible Reserves Probable Reserves Argentina 2 9 Bolivia 4
19 Chile 8 41 China 27 36 Iran 1 Kazakhistan 14 15 Peru 22 Russia 40 100 Turkey 30 150 U.S.A 80 TOTAL 170 473



22 1. Coal

23 2. Fuel oil

24 3. Natural Gas

25 Precautions in Turkey The drivers without an exhaust measurement in their cars are fined. TEMA (Turkey’s Fund for Erosion Prevention, Foresting, Preservation of the Natural Resources) foundation developed a project for recycling paper, batteries and plastics.


27 Fixing filters of factories for preventing acid rain.
Giving seminars all around Turkey about the significance of the protection of Natural Resources. Issuing project competitions about protecting our environment for encouragement.

28 Media publishing related materials to make public more aware.
Consuming less water dur to global warming.


"The most important measure to preserve natural resources and to protect the environment is using alternative enegry." indir ppt

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