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REVISION Olasılık- yetenek: can Ricalarda: can, could, may I

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1 REVISION Olasılık- yetenek: can Ricalarda: can, could, may I
can, could, would, will YOU Bunların dışında izin isterken, izin verirken ya da reddederken kullanılan bazı kalıplar vardır.

2 Tom can write poetry very well.
Lisa can’t speak French Can you lend me ten dollars? Could I talk to your supervisor please? May I help you? Will you please take the trash out? Would you mind if I sat here?

3 Present Continuous Tense
Yapısı + I am playing (Oynuyorum) - I am not playing (Oynamıyorum) ? Am I playing? (Oynuyor muyum?) Kullanım Yerleri  USE 1 Now (Şimdi)  USE 2 Longer Actions in Progress Now (Halen devam eden uzun süreli olaylar) USE 3 Near Future (Yakın Gelecek) USE 4 Complaining with "Always" ("Always" kullanarak şikayette bulunma)

4 People are waiting for bus. USE-1
 I am studying to become a doctor.  USE-2  I am not going to the party tonight USE-3 Jack is always wearing my shirts without asking me. USE-4

5 Imperatives (Emir Cümleleri)
Emir cümlelerine özne kullanmadan direkt olarak fiil ile başlarız. Example: Read this book. Don’t go out.

6 Bazı Niteleme Sıfatlarını Hatırlayalım…

7 Bunların dışında diğer sıfatlar da vardır;
İşaret Sıfatları- this, that… Sayı Sıfatları – two books, fifth floor.. Belgisiz Sıfatlar – every, any, some… Soru Sıfatları – which, what, howmany…. İyelik Sıfatları – my, your, his …

8 OBLIGATIONS: Must and Have to
Must: Konuşmacının hissettiği zorunluluk Your grades are low. You must study hard. Mustn’t: yasaklama ya da yapılmaması gereken eylemler You mustn’t smoke here. Have/ has to: Konuşmacıdan bağımsız olan zorunluluklar They have to pay for this room. He has to wear a tie at work. Don’t / Doesn’t have to: zorunluluğun ortadan kalkması I don’t have to go to school because I don’t have any classes. She doesn’t have to cook because she isn’t hungry.

9 Complete the sentences using must, mustn’t or the correct form of not have to
He ………….. wait for us. We can take a taxi. Ivy, you ………. lie to me! We ……………. go to the bank. I have enough cash. You …………. listen to your teacher carefully. You …………. show respect to older people. You …………. forget to book your plane ticket. It’s important. He ………….. tell the truth or he will be put in prison. She …………… stay in a hotel in London. She can stay with us. You ……………. drive your car here. It’s only for ambulances. You ……………… pay for the meal. It’s on me.

10 Suggestions: öneri cümleleri
Let’s + fiil: Let’s have a party on Sunday. Shall we ….?: Shall we cook something to eat? Why don’t …..?: Why don’t we study together? How/ What about + - ing……?: How about meeting at 6 p.m.? What about going out for dinner? Cevap: (+) Sure. / That’s a good idea. / Good idea./ Yes, Let’s. (-) I’m sorry / I’m afraid I can’t…/ That’s not a good idea/ No, Let’s not. Advice: tavsiye Should: You should see a doctor. Shouldn’t: He shouldn’t go out when he is ill.

11 Shall we stay here or go out?
Shall we tell her the truth? Shall we meet him at the airport? Let’s get ready for the party. Let’s stay here and wait for John. Why don’t you clean the room while I’m doing the washing-up? Why don’t we visit the new museum? How about going on a cruise? What about eating out tonight? You shouldn’t miss that show. It’s great. Your clothes are dirty, you should wash them. It’s getting dark here, you should turn on the lights.

12 Object Pronouns Fill in the blanks with object pronouns (me, you, him, her, it, us, them) 1- I don't like horror films. They drive ______crazy. 2- Everybody has problems and they can't solve ______. 3- He buys a ring for _____ but she doesn't want _____. 4- I'm studying English now. I like _______ a lot. 5- Our textbooks are very interesting. You can learn a lot from ______ . 6- Come to my office. I need to talk to _______.

13 Prepositions of Place Fill in the blanks with prepositions of place (on x3, between, in, across, into, along, over) Turkey is ________ Asia and Europe. The market is _____ the left. I’m Peter and I live _____ Germany. Don’t sit _____ the chair. It is broken. The birds are flying _______ the house. There are two cushions (yastık) ______ the sofa. The man is running _______ the bridge. Go _______ the street and turn right. Jane is jumping ______the swimming pool.

14 Possessive pronouns / Possessive adjectives
She broke……….. leg. My computer is working but ……is broken. I haven’t got a pencil. Can I borrow ……..? Her hat is here. Where is ………? Grandma’s house is very big, ……. is very small. What colour is your sister’s jacket? …… jacket is blue.

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