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Örnek Bir Uygulama ile Dışkaynak Kullanımı (Outsourcing):

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... konulu sunumlar: "Örnek Bir Uygulama ile Dışkaynak Kullanımı (Outsourcing):"— Sunum transkripti:

1 Örnek Bir Uygulama ile Dışkaynak Kullanımı (Outsourcing):
Bilişim Zirvesi 02 Örnek Bir Uygulama ile Dışkaynak Kullanımı (Outsourcing): Nasıl Bir Çözüm ve Kazanç Modeli? Sefa Özdil Dışkaynak Kullanımı İş Geliştirme Müdürü 04 Eylül 2002

2 Gündem Eğilimler Neden Dış Kaynak Kullanımı? Hizmetlerimiz
HP Outsourcing Yaklaşımı Örnek çalışma: Nokia Neden HP Services?

3 Dış Kaynak Kullanımı – Pazar Eğilimleri

4 Avrupa IT Servis Pazarı, 2000-2006
Kaynak: Forrester Research, Şubat 2002

5 ABD Dış Kaynak Kulanımı Pazarı, 2001-2006
Kaynak: Forrester Research, Mart 2002

6 WW Outsourcing Market (M$)
549, , ,933 CAGR = %20 Gartner Dataquest (2001) WW Outsourcing Market (M$) CAGR = %25 1,550 2,116 2,999 CAGR = %40 (IDC 2002) Turkey Outsourcing Market (M$) Turkey IT Services Market (M$) HP has been managing enterprise IT operations for over 2 decades, including a variety of services and very diverse business needs.

7 Dış Kaynak Kullanımı Engeller Katalizörler
“Outsourcing” hizmetlerinden geri dönüşteki güçlükler Yönetim anlayışı ve gelenekler Engeller “Outsourcing” anlaşmalarının detaylı yapısı Personel problemi Kontrolü kaybetme endişesi Maliyet kontrolü Giderek karmaşıklaşan IT gereksinimleri IT kaynak ve uzmanlık azlığı Katalizörler Temel iş alanına odaklanma isteği

8 Yeni BT Organizasyonu Today’s IT organization Future exT organization
COO CFO CTO VP tech ops CEO CIO Apps services Legacy Tech ops R&D procurement

9 Neden Dış Kaynak Kullanımı ?
Ticari Maliyet düşüşü Sabit maliyetlerin değişken maliyetlere dönüşmesi Öngörilebilir maliyetler Nakit akışı Sabit kıymet yönetimi Hız Ölçülebilir servis hizmetleri Kapsamlı servis hizmetleri Servis Neden Dış Kaynak Kullanımı ? You also want to do business with a company that you know has the strength and stability to meet your needs over the long haul. By combining HP and Compaq, we have made the new HP even stronger. With combined revenue approaching $80 billion per year, we will be No. 9 on the Fortune We will have steady cash flow of more than $1 billion per quarter. And we have increased our research and development capabilities with a budget of more than $4 billion. We also draw strength from our global reach. For us, that means greater overall stability in our business, with 60 percent of our revenues generated outside the United States. For you, it means a partner who can meet your needs wherever in the world you do business. It also means a culturally balanced and diverse workforce with one common purpose – to serve customers. In addition, we have significant market strength, with top three share in all of the major market segments where we do business. It’s all supported by one of the world’s best-known and most trusted brands. Kullanılan proses ve yöntemler (en gelişmiş) Kalite Daha geniş kaynaklara erişim imkanı Teknik uzmanlıklara erişim Kaynak Teknolojik Gelişen teknolojinin takibi Stratejik Temel iş alanına odaklanm

10 Maliyet avantajı Hizmet Operasyon ve aktivitelerin konsolidasyonu
Ölçek ekonomisi Proses iyileşmeleri ’best of breed’ Sabit kıymetler Satınalma gücü – 3rd partiler Tesis / Altyapı maliyetleri Yönetim maliyetleri hosted, web-based training, collaborative delivery capabilities, and learning management systems complete course offerings for executives, IT administrators, and company staff covering the industry’s widest range of IT subjects Hizmet

11 Temel konular Hedefler Teknoloji ve metodoloji
Hizmet kapsamı ve seviyesi Riskler Esneklik Süreklilik Kontrol Güvenlik Planlama ve koordinasyon Finans İnsan kaynağı hosted, web-based training, collaborative delivery capabilities, and learning management systems complete course offerings for executives, IT administrators, and company staff covering the industry’s widest range of IT subjects

12 HP Outsourcing Hizmet Portföyü Geniş Kapsamlı Outsourcing Hizmetleri
Kısmi Outsourcing Hizmetleri Uygulama Outsourcing Masaüstü Bilgisayar Sistemleri Yönetimi Marka Bağımsız Altyapı Yönetimi (sunucu, network) Yazıcı Yönetimi Web Yönetim Çözümleri İş Kurtarma Hizmetleri HP Outsourcing Hizmet Portföyü Today’s business environment is defined by complexity and an every-increasing rate of change – in technology, in new markets, and in economic shifts. Business leaders must effectively deal with these complexities and maintain the agility required to take advantage of new business opportunities. Trends: -Unparalleled pace of change to every aspect of business and technology -Ability/requirement to capitalize on e-business opportunities -Competitiveness requires speed and agility -Processes must be world class and must extend globally

13 Dış Kaynak Kullanımı computing on demand Kapsamlı Dış Kaynak Kullanımı
IT operasyon stratejisi ve yönetimi IT operasyon ve altyapı değişim yönetimi Kaynak temini ve yönetimi Tedarikçi yönetimi Ağ ve Altyapı Yönetimi Sunucu ve saklama sistemleri yönetimi Web hizmetleri yönetimi Ağ operasyon ve yönetimi Datacenter yönetimi Mobil sistemler yönetimi Gövenlik yönetimi Uygulama Operasyon Yönetimi ERP and CRM (SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft) Haberşeşme sistemleri (Microsoft exchange) e-commerce web uygulamaları (Broadvisioni I2) Erişim Cihazları Yönetimi ve Destek Hizmetleri Yardım masası Erişim cihazları yönetimi (masaüstü, dizüstü, yazıcı, avuçiçi sistemler,) HP Services offers a range of outsourcing and managed services, from out-tasked, packaged standardized offers to comprehensive outsourcing. Some customers are simply looking to control costs and increase efficiency within their current operations. Others want to add or integrate new technologies or processes and enhance operations. Still others envision transformation of their business – to new markets, geographies, or through radically different and streamlined value chains. We determine with the customer the best outsourcing approach to align their technology infrastructure with their business strategy. computing on demand Erişim cihazları (masaüstü, dizüstü, yazıcı, avuçiçi sistemler,) Sunucu ve saklama birimleri Uygulamalar İş Sürekliligi İş sürekliliği planlaması İş kurtarma hizmetleri

14 infrastructure services
Desktop Outsourcing back office server management LAN management printing management client remote access client services procurement staging & deployment asset management technical asset tracking & inventory control client standards image engineering client protection & security client backup management personal firewall management MACDs CMDB client software packaging & distribution support services e-portal (request Mgmt) service desk hardware support software support deskside support e-support client move, add, change, delete client antivirus management Hardware/software certification hardware & software integration messaging and collaboration mobility management services infrastructure services Shown above are all the components and services used to build Desktop Management Solutions.

15 SAP® Outsourcing 10 yıllık HP/SAP işbirliği
10,000 den fazla ortak SAP/R3 ve uygulaması 1995 yılından beri SAP “Award of Excellence” ödülü 140+ müşteri SAP® Outsourcing Standard ama müşteriye özel IT çözümü Hızlı uygulama Entegre altyapı Rakipsiz performans ve ölçeklenebilirlik HP Müşteri tabanı (15,000 Windows® ve 8,600 UNIX®) SAP müşteri tabanının 50%’den fazlası HP  lider SAP outsourcing şirketi HP Consulting hizmetlerinin sunulduğu 3,000’den fazla SAP uygulaması HP  Tercih edilen SAP platformu HP’s partnership with SAP goes back as far as the development of SAP R/3. Indeed, HP worked very closely with SAP in the early 90’s to bring SAP to a client/server architecture. Now that SAP R/3 has been in the market for quite a number of years, our combined companies have nearly installations on Windows and Unix. We are SAP’s number one partner and intend to stay that way. New R/3 installations are still implemented, and HP is really well positioned to be the partner of choice. Not only do we use R/3 internally ourselves, but our consultants have also participated in the implementation of more than 3000 installations. Building on our own experience , 5 years ago we started the development of a rapid deployment methodology, called Rapid/3, and set-up competency centers allowing project teams to work closely together and ensure fast and successful implementations. Ever since we have enhanced both our methodology and the working of the competency center, building on our experience with customers. We not only provide standard implementation services, but have have developed a series of IT services geared at optimizing the use of the chosen infrastructure to SAP. This service, called Rapid/IT for includes amongst others performance management, system and application management, high-availability,… Our combined company today has more than 1000 consultants that are SAP literate, and have implemented SAP systems, mostly in the IT services space. In countries where we do not offer the implementation services, we partner with others to provide our customers with an end-to-end value chain. In many situations we take prime contractorship. We also outsource many SAP installations for companies such as Airbus and Nokia.

16 SAP R/3 Yönetilen Hizmetler 7 Seviye Operasyon Modeli
İş Süreçleri SAP Uygulama Modülleri FI CO MM PP SD ... 6 Müşteri Uygulama Yönetimi 5 ABAP Developer Workbench Data Dictionary Screenpainter SAPscript Menupainter Uygulama Operasyonları Authorization Access Rights Profiles Users Version Control Correction And Transport System Interface Management SAP R/3 Base EarlyWatch Release Changes Puts Language Import Batch Jobs Client Copy 4 HP SQL Data Base DB Administration & Tuning Extension Management Imports/Exports Monitoring Reorganization 3 UNIX / NT İşletim Sistemi Backup And Recovery Updates Monitoring Printer Spooler Performance Connectivity 2 SAP R/3 Donanım Platformu Hardware Support Software Support 1

17 Lokal Servis Sunum Seçeneği SAP Sunucuları Lokal HP Merkezinde Kurulu
AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND Lokal Müşteri Ofisi Lokal HP Ofisi Bülgesel HP Operasyon Merkezi Wide Area Network Wide Area Network Hub Müşteri Sunucuları Yönetim İstasyonu HP Uzmanlık Merkezi Sunucular HP veya müşteri yerinde bulunabilir

18 Uzaktan Erişim ile Servis Sunum Seçeneği SAP Sunucuları Müşteri Ofisinde Kurulu
AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND Lokal Müşteri Ofisi Lokal HP Ofisi Bülgesel HP Operasyon Merkezi Wide Area Network Wide Area Network Hub Müşteri Sunucuları Yönetim İstasyonu HP Uzmanlık Merkezi Sunucular HP veya müşteri yerinde bulunabilir

19 HP ITSM Metodolojisi Business - IT Alignment Operations Bridge
Assessment Incident Management Operations Management Customer Management IT Strategy Development Configuration Management Problem Management Service Level Management Service Planning Change Management Availability Management Capacity Management Cost Management Build & Test Release to Production Service Design & Management Service Development & Deployment

20 HP Outsourcing Yaklaşımı
Operasyon Aşama Değişim Geçiş Due Diligence Analiz Teklif Zaman

21 HP Outsourcing Due Diligence Mevcut IT yapısının detaylı analizi
Maliyetlerin çıkartılması Risklerin deperlendirilmesi Tasarım Önerilen çözüm ve sunum modeli Geçiş projeleri İletişim Transfer Hazırlık SLA’s SOW Kontrat

22 HP Outsourcing Geçiş Mevcut yapının devralınması: Çalışanlar Envanter
Proses ve araçlar Servis seviyeleri Kontratlar HP devralınan yapıyı mevcur personel ile yönetmeye devam eder Geçiş süreci tamamen açık Değişim projelerinin belirlenmesi

23 HP Outsourcing Değişim Personelin yapılandırılması
Teknik projelerin uygulamaya geçirilmesi Personelin yapılandırılması Proses ve araçların iyileştirilmesi Daha düşük operasyon maliyeti

24 İnsan Proses ve araçlar Teknoloji Finans Organizasyon
HP Outsourcing İnsan Proses ve araçlar Teknoloji Finans Organizasyon

25 Nokia Mevcut IT Yapısı Yüksek operasyon maliyetleri
IT yatırımlarında kesinti Oturmamış operasyonel prosesler Artan rekabet nedeniyle daha fazla kalite ve verimlilik ihtiyacı Hızlı ürün geliştirme ve sunma ihtiyacı

26 Nokia Hedeflenen IT Yapısı Yüksek operasyonel verimlilik
Denenmiş servis yönetim metodolojisi Düşük operasyon maliyetleri ve korunan/artan Kalite Hız Esneklik Öngörülebilir maliyetler Düşük toplu IT yatırımı

27 25% cost reduction over time
Global görev kritik sunucu yönetimi Dünya genelinde 7 operasyon merkezi 3,000 multivendor sunucu Network yönetimi 200 TB saklama birimi 60,000 kullanıcı 354 personel transferi (22 ülke) Mevcut envanter transferi Mevcut kontrat transferi Lotus Notes, Exchange, file/print sharing NOKIA 25% cost reduction over time

28 Neden HP Services? Teknolojik liderlik – HP Invents
Süreçler ve metodolojiler Müşteri başarısına adanmış hizmetler Global hizmet ağı ve yerel pazar bilgisi Özet: insan, deneyim, bilgi, hizmet teknolojileri Neden HP Services? The HP Services organization is built on a number of core assets. These assets enable the deployment of the broad HP services portfolio, which makes us unique and supports our ability to help you achieve transformational results along the continuum of design, migrate, integrate, run, and evolve. First, we have IT infrastructure experience, expertise in specific markets, AND an approach that delivers on your platform of choice. Nobody else can promise and deliver all of these together. We are using technology to reduce delivery costs and build innovative customer experiences. For example, we are broadening our deployment of HP Instant Support, which automates and speeds the resolution of computing problems and frees users from time-consuming diagnostic chores. The latest release of HP Instant Support takes web troubleshooting to a new level by enabling natural-language search, data harvesting linked with phone support, and more. Instant Support covers HP desktops, laptops, Netservers, workstations, and some storage products. Our IT Resource Center provides Internet-enabled technical assistance to 650,000 registered users, giving our customers access to information and tools that help them solve their own problems or manage their own projects and programs. Another example of our inventive approach is our partnership model with leading systems integrators. By combining our technology strengths with our partners’ expertise in specific industry segments, we are delivering best-in-class solutions. HP Services is focused on providing the industry’s best total customer experience, with superior efforts on all fronts: products, services, people, and partners. Finally, we have the processes and methodologies that make all these assets work together  and to make them work for your success, wherever you do business, anywhere in the world.

29 HP Services 160 ülkede 65,000 çalışan # 1 “açık sistem” IT hizmetleri
#1 görev-kritik altyapı hizmetleri #1 SAP R/3 operasyon yönetimi #1 kurumsal Microsoft® hizmetleri HP Services The new HP Services is equipped to meet your needs better than ever before through the combination of our people, our approach and our portfolio of offerings. By pulling from our extensive set of services in support, consulting and integration, and managed services, complemented by the whole of HP and our partners, we deliver end to end solutions across a range of industries and business problems. Now 65,000 professionals strong and operating in 160 countries, we rank #3 in the IT services market overall. And within that, we are the industry leader in delivering mission critical infrastructure services and have deployed more Microsoft based solutions in the enterprise than anyone. Our focus on and commitment to delivering the best environment for our employees is a key element of how we deliver the best experience to our customers. This is at the core of what makes us a unique team member to our customers, and differentiates us in the market. 160 ülkede 65,000 çalışan

30 HP Outsourcing 105 operasyon merkezi 800+ outsourcing müşterisi
1’200+ BRS müşterisi 20’000+ multi-vendor sunucu yönetimi 500’000 istemci yönetimi 5’000+ web-server yönetimi 350’000+ posta kutusu

31 Teşekkürler Audience: Network and IT managers. (Introduction )
Networks today run enterprise businesses, enabling increased business productivity and competitiveness. This means most network environments are mission-sensitive or mission-critical and require high network uptime. However, optimizing network uptime can be challenging.

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