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COMPE 341 Database Design and Management

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1 COMPE 341 Database Design and Management
2015 Fall Barış ÖZKAN Department of Information Systems Engineering Murat KARAKAYA Department of Computer Engineering

2 COMPE / SE / ISE 493 Instructors : Barış ÖZKAN Murat KARAKAYA
Lecture : Friday B-1017 Office Hour : Friday 15:00-15:30 Teaching Asst.: TBD Course Web page is on Moodle: Check your registration!

3 Objectives & Content Objectives:
This course involves students in real-life problems and theory on database systems and encourages teamwork in the design and implementation of database systems.

4 Objectives & Content Content: Database system concepts.
Data modeling with ER and EER. The Relational Data Model. File organizations and index structures. Relational algebra. Structured Query Language (SQL). Database design: functional dependence and table normalization. Introduction to database administration. A relational DBMS will be introduced in a laboratory environment. .

5 Text Books and References
Course Book: “Fundamentals of Database Systems”, 6th Edition, Ramez Elmasri & Shamkant B. Navathe, Addison-Wesley, 2010 “Oracle 9i: SQL with an introduction to PL/SQL”, L. L. Morris-Murphy, Thomson Course Technology, 2003 Other Sources: 1. “Principles of Database Systems with Internet and Java Applications”, Greg Ricardi, Addison-Wesley, “Database Application Development & Design”, 3rd Ed., McGraw-Hill, M.V. Mannino, McGraw-Hill, (Interactive Online SQL Training) 4. “Database Systems: A practical Approach to Design, Implementation, and Management”, T. Collony & Carolyn Begg, 4th Edition, Addison-Wesley, 2005.

6 Grading (Tentative) You will get NA grade if :
Attendance % Lab % Project % Midterm % Final Exam % You will get NA grade if : For Lectures: you miss 4 or more weeks, or For Labs: you miss 3 or more weeks Passing grade DD >= 50 FD<=49!

7 Grading* 60-64 DD 1.0 başarısızlık
Grades Letters Coefficients Ortalamaya Katılmayan Notlar AA I-Eksik BA S-Yeterli BB U-Yetersiz CB T-Transfer CC W-Dersten Çekilme DC NA-Devamsızlık nedeni ile DD başarısızlık FD NI-Not ortalamasına FF katılmayan *Öğrencilerin derslere en az %70, uygulamalara ise %80 oranında devamı zorunludur. Disiplin cezası ile uzaklaştırma dahil hangi gerekçe ile olursa olsun devam zorunluluğunu yerine getirmeyen öğrenciler dönem sonu sınavına girme hakkını kaybeder. Bu durumdaki öğrencilere (NA) notu verilir. *ATILIM ÜNİVERSİTESİ ÖĞRENCİ KAYIT, KABUL ÖNLİSANS VE LİSANS EĞİTİM-ÖĞRETİM VE SINAV YÖNETMELİĞİ

8 Grading Policies Missed exams:
no make-up exam for midterm without approved excuse! no make-up exam for final for any excuse! Objection to Grades and seeing Exam papers: Only allowed within 2 weeks after the grade announcements Ethics: All assignments/projects are to be your own work unless it is a team work. Participation: You are supposed to be active in the class by involving and participating disscusions via asking questions, proposing solutions, explaning your ideas, etc.

9 WEEKLY SCHEDULE 1. Week 20/02 Introduction to DB system concepts Ch. 1, 2 2. Week 27/02 ER model Ch.7 3. Week 06/03 EER model Ch.8 4. Week 13/03 Relational model & Relational DB concepts Ch. 3 5. Week 20/03 Relational algebra Ch.6 6. Week 27/03 SQL (MidTerm : 10/04/ :30-16:30) Ch. 4 7. Week 03/04 SQL 8. Week 10/04 DB Design (Functional Dependency) Ch. 15 9. Week 17/04 DB Design (Normalization 10. Week 24/04 ER- and EER-to-Relational Mapping Ch.9 11. Week 28/11 File organization Ch.17 12. Week 01/05 Index structures ) (Project Delivery: 10/04/ :30-16:30) Ch.18 13. Week 08/05 Index structures Holiday 14. Week 15/05 Database Authorization, Security and Privacy Ch. 24 15. Week 22/05 Review 16. Week 02/01 Final Exam

10 EXPECTED WORK LOAD Need to have a copy of the Text Book
You have to read the covered chapters in the book. PPT might not always be available & sufficient to cover all the topic’s details!!!


12 Any Questions?

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