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Isınma, Güvenlik ve Barınma

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1 Isınma, Güvenlik ve Barınma
Akıl Yaratıcılık Ahmet Hasanbeseoglu Cisco Danışmlık Hizmetleri ‘ Herşeyin İnterneti’ Kendine Güven Aile Arkadaşlar Isınma, Güvenlik ve Barınma Hava, Su, Yemek,Uyku, Seks ‘Herşeyin İnterneti’ Mayıs 2014

2 CEO ları heyecanlandıran 3 ‘Şey’
Sadece 53% değerlendirildi 2013, $544 Milyar Dolarlık eldeğmemiş fırsat var 2020 de 50 milyar Şey İnternete bağlanmış olacak Karlılıklarda %22 Büyüme 2012 de önceki yıl kadar veri oluştu Herşey İnternete bağlanacak (1.5 Trilyon Nesne) Büyük Bir Şeyler Oluyor (19 Trilyon Dolar) Herşey Mümkün! The IoE is set to create an unprecedented level of disruption across industries, globally. This slide provides a few examples of how IoE is changing the world. By 2020, there will be approximately 50 billion objects connected to the Internet, generating a tremendous amount of data. Organizations that can effectively use these connections, and the data they generate, to achieve insights into their business and adapt their business processes accordingly will be able to achieve significant competitive differentiation. 2017 de Makineler arası iletişim 20 katına çıkacak Mobil Cihaz sayısı insan nüfusunu de geçicek 77 Milyar Uygulma 2014 %35 Video Trafik 2015

3 Şehirler, Sağlık, Eğitim, Savunma sektörü
Toplam Yeni Değer Global $19.0* Trillion $14.4T Kurumsal Sektörler $4.6T Şehirler, Sağlık, Eğitim, Savunma sektörü * Cisco estimates that the Internet of Everything is poised to generate $19 trillion in Value at Stake over the next 10 years ( ) for the private and public sectors combined. The private sector will account for $14.4 trillion, while $4.6 trillion of this value will come from the public sector. These estimates are based on a bottom-up analysis of 61 use cases, including 21 for the private sector and 40 in the public sector. The private-sector estimate includes both industry-specific and horizontal use cases, while the public sector number covers cities, agencies, and verticals such as healthcare, education, and defense.

4 Herşeyin İnterneti İnsanlar, Veri, Makineler ve İş Süreçleri arasındaki bağlantılar
Nesneler To understand how IoE can generate this value, it’s important to become familiar with IoE’s individual components. People: As the Internet evolves toward IoE, we will be connected in more relevant and valuable ways. Today, most people connect to the Internet through their use of devices (such as PCs, tablets, TVs, and smartphones) and social networks such as Facebook. In the future, people will be able to swallow a pill that senses and reports the health of their digestive tract to a doctor over a secure Internet connection. In addition, sensors placed on the skin or sewn into clothing will provide information about a person’s vital signs. According to Gartner, people themselves will become nodes on the Internet, with both static information and a constantly emitting activity system. Process: Process plays an important role in how each of these entities — people, data, and things — works with the others to deliver value in the connected world of IoE. With the correct process, connections become relevant and add value because the right information is delivered to the right person at the right time in the appropriate way. Data: With IoT, devices typically gather data and stream it over the Internet to a central source, where it is analyzed and processed. As the capabilities of things connected to the Internet continue to advance, they will become more intelligent by combining data into more useful information. Rather than just reporting raw data, connected things will soon send higher-level information back to machines, computers, and people for further evaluation and decision making. This transformation from data to information in IoE is important because it will allow us to make faster, more intelligent decisions, as well as control our environment more effectively. Things: This group is made up of physical items like sensors (e.g. pressure, radio activity, image, temperature, vibration), consumer devices, enterprise assets that are connected to both the Internet and each other, RFID (a simple tag that can used to identify an object) and "actuator". An actuator is an object that makes an "action": for example, it could turn off an engine, a light, or start a process to control a more complex system. In IoE, these things will sense more data, become context-aware, and provide more experiential information to help people and machines make more relevant and valuable decisions. Examples of “things” in IoE include smart sensors built into structures like bridges, and disposable sensors that will be placed on everyday items such as milk cartons. It is also important to understand the difference between IoE and IoT. Essentially, IoT includes data and things, while IoE adds people and process to the mix.

5 Güvenlik You can use digital displays to communicate directions and instructions to fans, adding another level of convenience and customer service to the event and freeing up valuable human resources to focus on value add interactions. These can be the same displays that delivered targeted promotions earlier and even be interactive (touch screen). You can take advantage of networked video surveillance feeds (and video analytics) to proactively identify and respond to suspicious behaviors, threats or objects before they result in an incident. With Physical Security products and solutions deployed on the Connected Stadium, venues can improve the security of their staff, fans and property while reducing operating expenses.

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7 Uzak Uzman The Home Depot
 In this pilot the challenge was to improve the productivity of Kitchen and Bath designers who had to close on a complex sale. They were costing the company more than they were bringing in. Our research revealed that customers bought a kitchen from a person they could trust to take them through the process. However the experts were hard to find because there wasn’t enough of them to cover all store hours. Additionally 805 of customers began the process on the website with no way to connect. We tool some of the desigers in put them in a central location. In store we put HD video right on the desk where the designer sat. With a push of a button the customer was connected. We also provided a small screen for content sharing. We also enabled third-party conferencing to bring in a spouse or product expert. Online – we provided visualization tools to the customer and a project folder where they could save their ideas to share with a designer. (shared spaces for ongoing collaboration). In the first 2 weeks there were more project folders created than there were kitchen sales in progress. Results: improved customer experience and revenue growth •11X higher sales when customer’s asked if they need help •Cycle Time Reduced 60% - what used to take weeks takes days •Sales in stores that fully adopted run at +18% ahead of stores without TP •Testing Contact Center ability to manage time zones & geographies •Expect 100% roll-out over next 2 years VOC is very positive Uzak Uzman The Home Depot

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