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1 Overview of Discussion Today Why innovation within our companies Why do new ideas fail The KIRE Company 10 step model Q&A period.

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... konulu sunumlar: "1 Overview of Discussion Today Why innovation within our companies Why do new ideas fail The KIRE Company 10 step model Q&A period."— Sunum transkripti:

1 1 Overview of Discussion Today Why innovation within our companies Why do new ideas fail The KIRE Company 10 step model Q&A period

2 2 Yeni ürün geliştirme stratejileri Dünya için yeni –Daha önce asla görülmemiş Yeni ürün girişleri –Girişine izin verilen yeni ürünler Ürün hatlarına ilaveler –Hat genişletmeleri Ürün iyileştirmeleri –Değişime adapte olma Yeniden odaklanma –Yeni kullanım odaklı Yeni ürün stratejileri

3 3 Yeni ürün geliştirme stratejisi Yeni ürünlerin iki kaynağı –satınalma - şirket, patent, lisans –Kendi bünyesinde yeni ürün geliştirme Yeni ürün geliştirmenin anlamı –Orjinal ürünler, ürün iyileştirmeleri veya ürün modifikasyonları ve firmanın kendi Ar-Ge çabaları ile yeni markalar –Riks ve başarısızlık oranları yüksek

4 4 Yeni ürün geliştirme stratejisi : Yeni ürünler neden başarısız olur? Overestimated market Zayıf tasarım/ Poor design/delivery of benefits No differentiating proposition Quality does not meet consumer standard Poor marketing communication Error in pricing to value of product/service Did not distribute product/service to consumers Poor positioning Cost overrun Market shift after launch Competition

5 5 Yeni ürün geliştirme stratejisi: Başarı faktörleri Eşsiz üstün bir ürün Başlangıçtan itibaren iyi tanımlanmış ürün kavramı Belirli kriter Belirli stratejik rol Sistematik yeni ürün prosesi Yaratıcı personel

6 6 Major Sources of New Ideas  It’s a team effort  Internal sources - Employees, sales people  Customers  Competitors  Distributors and suppliers  Other external sources  Secondary research – such as articles, internet & spending time in stores or where your market is  Primary research - Needs identification exercises

7 7 Systematic process –Appoint an Idea Manager –Multidisciplinary committee –Encourage Staff to submit ideas –Most of all listen to your customers!!! Personally –Hire people that do not fit Edison and Ford Einstein

8 8 Purpose Identify good ideas drop poor ones fast – help create clarity of focus Challenge Maintain creativity and stream of ideas Link criteria and rating to company objectives Will the customer buy it Does it fit with the company mission and objectives

9 9 Development of the basics of a plan –Market segmentation –Target market segmentation Measurable, Accessible, Profitable, Possible –Positioning –Initial marketing mix (4 P’s) –Production feasibility –Financial projections

10 10 Take your idea and bring it together into something you can see, feel, touch or hear. –Products: Make it into something physical that can be used –Services: Develop the components of the service that matter to the customer – i.e. menu items for the restaurant, the type of location where you would offer the service

11 11 Better you find out now then waste your time and money Take the prototype and test its performance within your company or small group of trusted individuals against a set of criteria

12 12 Product or service concept New-product or service idea in detail stated in meaningful consumer terms Concept development Expanding the new idea into various alternative forms to see which is more appealing

13 13 Example of a concept XYZ™ brand Pet Food Serve your best friend a meal you could share. You want to feed your pet the best nature offers. But most pet foods contain ingredients you can’t pronounce or recognize. You wouldn't eat hydrolysed chicken liver flavouring - why would you feed it to your pet. Introducing XYZ™ Pet Food, it concentrates on what your family member really needs to be healthy. Veterinarian approved, XYZ™ uses only wholesome foods such as Fresh chicken, Oatmeal, Potatoes and Rice. There is not a more wholesome or better balanced pet food on the market. For people who want only the best for their pets. Dog Food 40 lbs bag = $50.00

14 14 Target your key customers Concept testing Word or picture description Physical presentation of the concept Question reactions Survey work Get a number of your potential customers to try it Feedback in questionnaire form Test market Place it in restricted market to see reaction – can be regions, cities, stores or portion of cities

15 15 Advantages Make better decisions Increase growth potential Improve marketing efforts Saves risk and expense of launch Gain experienceDisadvantages Costs Bias of sample or effort (if done on your own) Longer time-to-market You might not like the outcome

16 16 Finalize all the components of the product/service Make the changes required: Learning from the Primary Market Research Any other sources Is there anything missing?

17 17 Review & firm up sales, costs and profit projections Assess risk Include all learning from prior steps Develop full plans for each group/area impacted: Sales, Marketing, Production, Financial, Logistics, etc

18 18 All your hard work now pays off Launch your product or service Monitor it closely with research to ensure it is delivering as you wanted it to

19 19 New-product Development: Speeding Up the Process Traditional set up  Sequential product development – can sometimes be slow for most entrepreneurs Simultaneous or team-based approaches  Shorter cycle-times  First to market has advantages  Higher risk and tension  Need to watch quality

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