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3 Climate Saviors with Brilliant Ideas

To call for the world and the humanity in order to take neccessary precautions and to make the poeople conscious about the big disaster that everyone knows, namely climate change. If we will be manage to do that we will be very very happy!!! GOOD BYE DROUGHTY WORLD!!! IN ORDER TO SAY THIS WE SHOULD COLLABORATE...

5 Fishbone Technique

6 Time Administration Chart

7 STEPS of the PROJECT We searched for the dubject and collected general information, We used brain storm technique and choosed to make people aware of the situation, We built reason-result relationships about the subject, We prepared a fishbone, We organized a trip to Kandilli Meteorological Station and collected information and gathered data about climate change, We made a composition of our collected information and prepared a presentation, We implemented questionnaries in order to measure the knowledge levels of people about climate change, We presented the questionnarie result in graphics, We informed our friends in our school with making power point presentations, We re-applied the questtionarie and measured the benefits of of our presentation, We prepared and presented a wall paper, We hanged posters on the walls of the school in order to increase the water and electricity savings, In order to reach more people we prepared and printed a magazine, We applied to national newspapers and televisions in order to make our call and reach millions of people and make them became aware of the reasons and results of the cliamte change, Everyone in our project made pictures and wrote poems and articles, Finally we prepared this presentation and presented it to you…

8 The reasons of climate change,
The main reason of the climate change is global warming. 90% reasons of the global warming is caused by human. The examples of this situation are listed below; The poisoned gases extracted from factories and termic plants (carbondioxide, carbonmonoxide, sulfure etc.) wars, destruction of flora, usage of fossil fuels, exhaust gases from vehicles, usage of deodorants and as aresult of these the formation of green house effect. PROBLEMS * Climate change will cause a big disaster for our world. * Extinction of fresh water sources and melting of glaciers. * Drought, decrease in the number of trees, extinction in various species. * Not recycling the paper waste. * Usage of fossil fuel and as aresult of this the fading out the gases to atmosphere that triggers the effects of green house effect. * The needed paper for cigar production kills 2 million trees every year.

9 Here is the indicator of our problems,
We organized a trip to Boğaziçi Meteorological Station and requested datas about climate change. In the datas above it can be seen that out world is temperature is increasing. Climate is changing. This would have a negative effect on every livivng creatures life. We must colloborate and take precautions in order to say good bye droughty world.

10 Küresel ısınma dünyayı kavuruyor. Küresel ısınmanın zararını
GLOBAL WARMING Sularımız tükeniyor Enerjiler azalıyor Her şeye zam geliyor Küresel ısınma dünyayı kavuruyor. Küresel ısınmanın zararını Görmek istemiyorsanız Hemen işe başlayınız Tasarruf yapınız. Boşa ışık yakmayın Yananları Kapatın Küçükleri ve büyükleri uyarın Hayatımızı kurtarın. Bunu kendiniz için değil Tüm insanlık için yapın Birlikte ele ele verip Dünyayı kurtarın!!! In the poem written above we explained the reasons of global warming, listed the neccessary precautions that should be taken and invited everyone to work in order to save our world. Melda Nur ÇETİN İnci GERCİK İlkyaz ARABACI

11 Questionnarie Decision
We decided to apply a questionnaire in order to measure the knowledge levels of people about climate change and make them became aware of the situation. In order to manage to do that we started from our schools students and applied the questionnaires. Let’s present you the questions and result in about the questionnaire. NOTE: You can find the result of the questionnarie in the WinZip file.

12 Before Presentation

13 After Presentation

14 The comments about the questionnaire before the presentation,
We saw that before our presentation our friends have limited information about climate change. However, we are going to change this. We will make our presentation and make them gain information about the subject. We have no doubt that we are gonna take positive results. The comments about the questionnaire after the presentation, After presentation we observed differences in the results of questionnaire. The “yes” answers were increased. This result made us understand that our presentation was effective. It made us happy to see differences regarding the questions about cooperating the cooperations working on climate change. According to us this is mainly related to presentation, meanly this imorovement occured because the students are listened us voluntarily.

15 Pictures from our Seminar


17 Our recommendations for you;
Always close the taps Close the taps while brushing your teeth or shaving Do not flush the toilet unneccessarily Change your shower if it is broken Prevent water waste Put a plastic bottle into the flush Repair the broken taps Use economically the washing machine Take shorter showers Use the lamps economically Plant trees and protect trees

18 Our Magazine; We published the magazine that we talked about in the project steps. We have printed 300 magazines. With doing this we aimed to make people become aware of the climate change. If a family in our school consists of approximately 4 people this calculation means that we have reached 1200 person with our magazine. With publishing a magazine we have reached more people. We want to share a page from our magazine with you. NOTE: You can reach the full text of the magazine in the WinZip file.

What is climate? Climate is the weather situation of a place that it have for long years. Wheter climate change is the change in this weather situaition and get warmer every year. Meanly it is the end of the world. If you are disinterested with this situation it would be unimportant to you however it is not the case in reality. Climate change is a disaster for our unique world and have no absolute solution. If we won’t take the neccessary precautions immediately this awful end is very close to us. Before making research about this subject I was either not know too much thing and not take the neccessary precautions. However tihs was before I saw the secret sad and fatal face of the climate change. Now I claim that I gave importance to these precautions. But there is another important point only myself can not fight againist to climate change. Because of that let’s fight together for our world… If you decided to begin the fight here are some suggestions; at first close every thing that is open unneccessarily. If you do this the family members will take you as role models, and this may effect the neighbors, district, city and even may be the country will begin to take these precautions. Beginning with you… Here is the list of the things that you can do; 1- Putting a plastic bottle into the flush (save 2 tons of water in one year) 2- Fixing the taps (save 1 tones of water), 3- Use the washing machine economically (save 9 tons of water in a year), 4- Take shorter showers ( only one person taking this precaution can save 4,5 tons of water in a year). Note: Do not forget that this problems effect all the world, the children suffer because of this, water wars will begin in immediate future… We must work cooperatively in order to prevent this. Eylem Kardelen BAYAR

20 Afforestation Mobilization,
We donated 300 YTL to afforestation mobilization. With doing this we made our country to gain 60 trees, and tihs a a big success. With this donation we helped to prevent the global warming. Because 1 tree emits 1 ton carbondioxide in it life span. By this we helped the carbon dioxide purification of atmosphere.

21 Donate Receipt

22 The Honor Certificate that we took from Directorate of Environment and Forestry in Istanbul.

23 Cooperation, In order to reach and make aware of more people about climate change we cooperated with Istanbul University Faculty of Communication. We requested from them to take our video which includes the reasons, results and the precautions that should be taken about climate change and publish it in the visual media. Here is our video.


25 New in the visual media;
The above link and the next slide you will see, are the news that are published in the media about our project. We explained our aim and repeated our call in this new. With this, we manage to reach hundreds of people and reach our goal in terms of making more and more people aware of the dangereous situation about climate change.

26 Küçüklerden Büyüklerine Çevre Dersi
Yaşam :01 Fethi Yılmaz İstanbul(İÜHA)-İlköğretim öğrencileri, küçük yaşlarına rağmen, insanlığın geleceğini tehdit eden küresel ısınmaya karşı büyükleri bilinçlendirmeye çalışıyorlar. Beyazıt Ford-Otosan İlköğretim Okulu 5-C sınıfı öğrencileri tarafından küresel ısınmaya karşı “Parlak Fikirli İklim Kurtarıcıları” grubu kuruldu. Öğrenciler, küresel ısınmanın oluşturacağı etkiler konusunda hazırladıkları görsel sunular ile çevrelerini ve okuldaki diğer arkadaşlarını küresel ısınmaya karşı çalışmaya çağırıyorlar.                                                ‘El ele verelim’ “El ele verelim, elveda kurak dünya diyelim” parolasıyla harekete geçen öğrenciler, küresel ısınmaya karşı yapılması gerekenleri içeren “İklim Değişikliği” adlı bir dergi de çıkardılar.  Hazırladıkları bu dergiyi 5 YTL karşılığında satarak, elde edecekleri parayı biriktirecek olan öğrenciler, bu parayı kendi adlarına ağaç dikilmek üzere İstanbul İl Çevre Müdürlüğü’ne vereceklerini açıkladılar.          Küresel ısınmaya karşı toplumun duyarsız olduğunu belirten öğrenciler, buna benzer çalışmaların desteklenmesini ve Türkiye geneline yayılmasını istiyorlar.                                     ‘Çocuklar her şeyin farkında’ Küresel ısınmaya karşı çalışmaları yürüten Öğretmen Nergis Gercik, çocukların dünyanın gelecekte ne gibi durumlarla karşı karşıya kalacağını bildiklerini vurgulayarak, “Onlar her şeyin farkında” dedi.  2007 Bilişimci Martı Proje Yarışması’na da katılan öğrenciler, proje konusu olarak küresel ısınmayı seçtiler ve projelerine ‘Elveda Kurak Dünya’ adını verdiler.                                                           ‘Bir kişi yılda 12 ton su kurtarabilir’ Küresel ısınmaya karşı ilk önlemlerin evlerde alınması gerektiğini söyleyen öğrenciler, çok basit değişikliklerle ve şehir şebeke suyunu daha dikkatli kullanarak, “küçük olduğunu sandığımız büyük değişiklikler yapabileceğimizi” vurguluyorlar. Diş fırçalarken ve tıraş olurken suyu kapalı tutmamız durumunda bir kişinin yılda 12 ton suyu kurtaracağını söyleyen öğrenciler, buna benzer birçok önlemi de hatırlatarak büyüklerine örnek oluyorlar.

27 A Short Movie; It’s all in our hands…
We came together as a group and written a scenario. In this scenario we considred the possible effects of climate change that can be faced in the future. We recorded our short movie in our classroom. If we do not take the neccessary precautions this movie can turn to an awful reality in a short time. But now all the ropes are in our hands... let's come together to say goodbye droughty world!!!

28 It's all in our hands...


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