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... konulu sunumlar: "TUNCAY SAYDAM's Ideas on How To Improve SELF CONFIDENCE"— Sunum transkripti:

Tuncay Saydam Professor Emeritus of Computer Science Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey University of Delaware, Newark, DE. U.S.A.

2 Prof.Dr. Tuncay Saydam’ın Kısa Özgeçmişi:
İTÜ, University of Texas ve Harvard Universitesi/London Business School’dan diploma dereceleri olan Prof. Saydam bilimsel ilgi alanları olarak Bilgisayar Yazılım Tasarımı ve Dağıtılmış Sistemler Teorisi konularında çalışmaktadır. İTÜ, Boğaziçi Üniversitesi ve Kadir Has Üniversitesi’nde 15 yıl, University of Delaware, Amerika’da 25 yıl, ETH Zurich, İsviçre’de 1 yıl, 2 yaz, EPFL, Lausanne, İsviçre’de 1 yıl, 4 yaz, NEC Research Co., Japonya’da 1 yıl profesörlük yapmıştır.  Ayrıca Swisscom, Deutsche  Telekom, British Telecom, Krypto, IKI, Vodafone, Nato gibi kurumlarda 12 yıl Bilimsel Danışmanlık yapmıştır. Bilimsel yayınları arasında 6 Türkçe, 1 İngilizce kitap olmak üzere 63 İngilizce ve 1 Fransızca bilimsel makalesi bulunmaktadır. İTÜ Hesap Merkezi’ni 6 Kişilik grupla, KKK/Genel Kurmay Hesap Merkezi’ni 5 Kişilik grupla, TÜBİTAK MAM Hesap Merkezi’ni, Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Bilgisayar Bölümü’nü ve Delaware Üniversitesi Yazılım Mühendisliği Programı’nı tek başına kurmuştur. Türkçe, İngilizce, Almanca, Fransızca, İtalyanca bilen Saydam, çok sayıda bilimsel ve kültürel etkinlikleri yanında Resim, Sanat Kritiği, Opera ile de ciddi anlamda ilgilenmektedir.

3 Speec Outline/1 Think positively about yourself and others, Motivate yourself, Assert your own strengths and goals, Be physically and mentally strong, Improve your self discipline, Speak up your mind, Engage with others' ideas, Believe in yourself, Do what you believe to be right, Think about what is important to you, Contribute to discussions, Cooperate but try to get things done, Take risks, if you fail, learn from them and move on, Concentrate on your achievements, not on your failures, Have a high self esteem, Be creative,

4 Speec Outline/2 Don't worry too much on the following questions: [Am I able to do it?] [Am I ready to do it?] [Am I good enough to do it?] [Can I do it?] [How?/When?/What?] [Will I be successful?] Think, think again, and Just do it! Sometimes be audacious! However, be very careful: Don't solve the problem wrong![Ask:  Am I doing the thing right?] Don't solve the problem wrong![Ask:  Am I doing the thing right?] Don't take all the credit for your successes, Own up your own failures, Don't procrastinate! Learn, evolve,  change yourself and learn again, It is never too early, it is never too late to learn, to change and to evolve.

5 Speec Outline/3 Some parallel thoughts on self confidence [SC]: SC alone doesn't go very far, SC without its supporting strong Self Knowledge Base may even be harmful, Too little or too much of SC is not beneficial, Too much of SC make people more aggressive, It is part of the character [personality] traits, usually too timid/shy/quiet people may seem to have less of it, SC is not a panacea for success; but SC+ hard work is, Never forget that you are not the only person with high self confidence,

6 Speec Outline/4 Ethics and moral values has  little to do with SC, Western View emphasizes SC, while Eastern philosophy de-emphasizes it, A person can have a cool, quiet demeanor,  but strong tough inner core values and be very successful with a seemingly low SC, Although not yet  proven, there may be some genetic underpinnings to SC, Happiness has little to do with SC; happiness comes with the totality of rich life experiences, SC feeds on itself on a loop: [Success breeds SC, Failure lowers SC] We should all try to improve our SC, but not worry too much about it! Here is the good news: Yes, self confidence can be improved. But it is a slow process, and You must want it! You must be patient. You must work on it.


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