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Star Hotel Hotel restaurant Danish- Polish – Portuguese- Turkish Cuisine Cook Book.

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1 Star Hotel Hotel restaurant Danish- Polish – Portuguese- Turkish Cuisine Cook Book


3 Danish

4 Christmas Gravad Laks Salmon cured with brown sugar, anis seed an dill. Served on white bread with caraway seed. Recipe Ingredients 1 salmon 5 tbsp dried dill tips 5 tbsp brown sugar 2 tbsp salt 1 tbsp anis seed Dressing 1 dl. of mustard 75 g. of brown sugar 2 tbsp of dried dill tips 2 tbsp of sun flower oil Descale the salmon on cut it into 2 fillets without bones. Mix all the dry ingredients and sprinkle on the meat side on the salmon. Put the 2 meat sides together on put it on a steel tray with light pressure. Let marinate/cure for 2 days in a fridge Slice the salmon into thin slices and lay on buttered white bread with caraway seeds Dressing Mix all ingredients and let set for 1 day Roast duck with braised red cabbage, caramelized potatoes, boiled potatoes, sugar cooked apples with red currant jelly and crisps

5 Recipe for 4 people Ingredients 1 duck – 3500 grams 2 sour apples 100 g. of dried prunes Clean the duck and stuff it with apples in quarters and prunes. Lay the duck in a baking tray an cook in the oven for 2½ hour, baste the duck every ½ hour with the juices from the duck. Boiled and caramelized potatoes 500 g. of small potatoes 500 g. of ordinary size potatoes Cook the potatoes separately. The ordinary size potatoes should be peeled before cooking. The small ones after cooking. Caramelized potatoes 100 g. castor sugar 50 g. butter Caramelize the sugar then add butter, when the butter is melted add the potatoes. Sugar cooked apples ½ liter of water 250 g. of sugar Cut the apples into halves and cook in the water which have been added the sugar. Cook until soft but firm. Where the pips have been filled with red currant jelly. Braised red cabbage

6 ½ head of red cabbage 100 g. Sugar 1 dl. Vinegar Salt 1 dl. Red currant juice Blanche the red cabbage that are cut into slices. In a new pot ad sugar, vinegar, salt and red currant juice and let boil. Add the blanched red cabbage and let cook until soft. When served add a little bit of the grease from the cooked duck. Sauce Cook wings and intestines with ½ l. of water together with some celeriac, carrot and onion. Let cook for just under an hour. When the duck is cook add the juices from the duck. Sieve the broth and thicken the sauce with roux. Add salt and pepper according to taste.

7 Ris a la Mande Recipe Ingredients 1 liter of milk 70 g. of round rice 1 vanilla pod ½ liter of whipping cream 125 g. of almonds 1 whole almond Remove the seed from the vanilla pod and add to the milk and let boil. When boiling add rice and the pod and cook for aprox. 50 minuttes at low heat. Cool the porridge and add the whipped cream and the chopped almonds and 1 whole almond. Serve with warm cherry sauce 4 dl. of cherry juice 200 g. of cherries with out stones Cook the cherries in the juice and add sugar according to taste and thicken the sauce with potato flour or similar.

8 Easter Pickled fried herrings 4 herrrings 1 dl. of rye flour ½ dl. of sun flower oil The rinsed herrings is to be tossed in the flour, and fried in the hot oil. When cooked sprinkle with salt and pepper. Marinate 2 dl. of vinegar 200 g. of sugar 1 onion in slices 10 black pepper corn 2 bay leaves Bring the vinegar and sugar to boil add onion, pepper corn and bay leaves. Cool of the marinade. Add the marinade to the fried herrings. Serve thee herrings with rye bread, butter, capers and sliced onions

9 Danish style omelet – Æggekage Recipe 10 egg 1 dl. of milk or cream 800 grams of smoked bacon 2 tbsp of lard Mix eggs, milk/cream and add salt/pepper according to taste. Heat the lard in a deep pan, add the egg mixture. Set in a pre heated oven – 180 centigrade’s for aprox. 15 minutes. Slice the bacon and fry. Top the omelet with the fried bacon, drizzle with chopped chive and sliced tomatoes. Serve with slices of rye bread and mustard

10 Cheese 250 g. of smoked Danish cheese – Danish specialty 10 radishes Fresh ground pepper Grate the radishes Part the cheese into 4 four pieces and decorate the cheese with the grated radishes, grind pepper over the cheese.

11 Polish

12 EASTER On Holy Saturday, the day before Easter, it is customary to consecrate food. In Easter baskets there should be eggs (symbols of new life) in the form of colourful Easter eggs, Osterei, The Easter Lamb, salt (which is supposed to protect against destruction). It is also necessary to consecrate: bread, cold meats, horseradish, Easter cake. The basket, usually made of wicker, is adorned with leaves of box-tree. In our country Easter is celebrated by the table, which is beautifully laid with lots of food on it. Easter breakfast is the most important. Apart from meat and cake, it is customary to put a basket with blessed Easter food on the table. Initially, it is started with the custom of sharing consecrated egg, which is similar in its form and symbolism to sharing a hole-wafer during Christmas. In the Easter menu, there are a number of snacks: eggs, ham, hite and smoked sausages, horseradish, roast meat, poultry, pate, żur. The main Easter cake is yeast cake, so called Easter cake. Other Easter cakes, cheese cake and cream cake / layer cake are also popular.

13 EASTER ŻUR SOUP WITH HORSERADISH, WHITE SAUSAGE AND EGG Ingredients: 300 g of white sausage 1 onion 2 glasses of żur 80 g of smoked bacon 2 spoonfuls of grated horseradish a few dried mushrooms 2 boiled eggs 150 ml of cream (36%) 1 spoonful of oil 2 spoonfuls of marjoram 1/2 of spoonful of caraway / cumin garlic salt – for flavor milled / ground black pepper Preparation: Wash and drench / douse / moisten mushrooms in the water for around 20 minutes. Cut onion half and fry it on the frying-pan from both sides until it becomes gold, put it into the pot, add mushrooms and pour two glasses of water. After boiling it up, add sausage and bacon. After 15 minutes take out sausage, and cook another 25 minutes. Next add żur, horseradish, marjoram, caraway / cumin, pepper and salt, cook it and after it is ready – whiten with cream. Put a sliced sausage and pieces of eggs on the plates, pour hot soup.

14 PORK PATE AND LIVER Ingredients: 500 g of pork neck 250 g of bacon (without skin) 150 g of (pork) liver 200 g of pork fat / lad 2 eggs 1 glass of brandy 1 glass of red wine 50 ml of cherry brandy 1 onion 2-3 bay leaves a few grains of all-spice 3 twigs / sprays of thyme nutmeg salt, pepper Preparation: Cut pork neck and bacon into lumps, mix with one egg, add all-spice, pour brandy and season with salt and pepper. Put it in the fridge for a few hours. Next take out the meat, drain off / filtrate from the pickle and cut into lumps with the liver and onion. Grind with an egg and cherry brandy and add nutmeg, salt and pepper. Cut pork fat / lad into slices and put it in the form (it would be best to use oval and ceramic vessel, which is heat-proof / heat–resistant. Put the meat, cover it with slices of lad, sprinkle with bay leaves and decorate with thyme twigs / thyme sprays. Bake for around 2 hours in hot water (the vessel with the pate must be dipped in a bigger form with water) in the oven heated up to the temperature of 180-190 degrees. Cool off and put into the fridge for at least 1.5 – 2 hours.

15 STUFFED EASTER EGGS Ingredients: 6 eggs 500 g of champignons 1 spoonful of butter 1 spoonful of thick cream 1 bunch of fennel / dill ½ bunch of parsley ½ bunch of chives ½ onion salt – for flavour pepper for favour Preparation: Boil eggs hard? Cut an egg half and take out the yolk Grind / Grate butter with yolks Fry champignones with onion and put it into grated yolks Slice fennel / dill, parsley, chives into small particles, mix it with the whole mixture adding cream Fill egg whites with white of an egg Decorate

16 CHRISTMAS Christmas in Poland, moving and warm, is one of the most important days in a year in our tradition. Traditionally, Christmas dinner starts as soon as the first star appears in the sky. It is a symbolic association with Bethlehem Star, which denoted the birth of Jesus Christ and which, according to the Bible, was seen by The Three Magi in the eastern part of the sky. According to Polish tradition, dinner – fast / Lenten, is started with sharing a holy- wafer, wishing and also praying. It is customary to prepare one more cover than participants on the table, which is laid with white table cloth with a bundle of hay underneath. It is symbolically made for an unexpected guest.

17 According to region and family traditions, there are a number of various dishes, but traditionally, on the Christmas table there should be all fruits of the earth, and there should be 12 dishes. Each of them should be tasted, which is supposed to bring luck for the next year. These are the most typical: borsch with ravioli (optionally in some regions of Poland with white żur, mushroom soup, fruit soup or fish soup), fish prepared in various ways, with the most traditional fried carp in jelly, cabbage and peas, cabbage and mushrooms, pierogi [dumplings] and cabbage, pies and mushrooms, cutlets made of rice and mushroom sauce, dumplings and poppy-seed, sugar and honey, comport made from dried fruit, almond soup, or from eastern tradition - kulebyak [a kind of pie with meat, fish, cabbage, rice, mushrooms and spice], stuffed cabbage leaves and kutya. In Silesia there are also other Christmas dishes: „moczka”and poppy head. According to Polish tradition, Christmas dishes should be fast / Lenten, which means that there should be no meat or animal fat in their preparation. One of the Christmas evening customs is singing Christmas carols. There are also presents under the Christmas tree, which are brought by Infant Jesus, star, angel or Santa Claus.

18 BEETROOT SOUP AND RAVIOLI Ingredients: 4 kg of beetroot 1 head of garlic wholemeal bread crust 3 apples (sour) 1 onion salt pepper all-spice marjoram 1 liter of vegetable ravioli 1 glass of flour 1 egg 3dg of dried mushrooms (boiled) 2 spoonfuls of olive 1 onion Preparation: Peel beetroot, grind / grate and put into jar with garlic and bread. Pour 3 liters of warm boiled water. Put away for three days in the room temperature. Remove coating from time to time. Put sourdough / leaven into the fridge.Mix vegetable stock with the sourdough in the proportion 1:1; season for flavor, add apples and onion. Boil for 20 minutes, next filter / perlocateCrush cake with flour, eggs and water. Cut mushrooms into small particles, slice onion into lumps, glaze it in the olive. Mix ingredients, season. Roll out the cake, cut squares, put stuffing / filing on each. Glue triangles, tighten corners, form ravioliCook in salted water, serve in borsch.

19 BREADED / COATED FRIED CARP / FRIED CARP IN BREADCRUMBS Ingredients: 1 carp 50 g of flour 1 egg 80 g of crumbs butter for frying salt pepper lemon Preparation: Carp should be scraped and gutted. Cut off its head and tail, take out the fish-bones and pelt. Cut fillets into portions. Wash, dry, salt, pepper and add lemon juice to the meat. Bread it in flour, egg and breadcrumbs. Fry pieces of fish on heated butter from both sides; they should turn gold. Put it into the heated oven for about 10 minutes. Arrange ready-made portions on a bowl.

20 Ingredients: 1 kg of flour 400 ml of warm boiled water stuffing (filling): 500 g of sauerkraut after draining off / filtrating water 250 g of mushrooms (champignons) 2 onions bay leaf all-spice (3-4 pieces) oil – for frying Preparation: Put flour into the bowl, add warm water little by little (but not hot), make cake. After cutting cake there must be little air-holes. Roll out ready-made cake on the table and cut off circles with a glass Cook cabbage with laurel leaf / bay leaf and three circles of all-spice. Peel and cut champignon and one onion into tiny cubes, out it onto the oil and fry for about 15 minutes. Mix ready-made champignones with boiled cabbage, season for flavor. Fill cake circles with filling of cabbage and mushrooms; form pierogi. Boil in boiling, salted water. Pour fried on oil onion (cut into small cubes) on cooked pierogi. PIEROGI WITH CABBAGE AND MUSHROOMS

21 POPPY HEADS Ingredients: 1-1.5 liter of milk 5 big spoonfuls of sugar 250 g of poppy-seed (ground) 2 small wheat rolls 150 g of almonds 100 g of walnuts 150 g of raisins Preparation: Mix sugar with milk and boil. Add ground poppy-seed and boil once again. Cut rolls into lumps. Cut almonds and walnuts fine / into small particles. Next, according to the layers arrange pieces of roll and walnuts and raisins interchangeably in a glass bowl. Every layer should be poured with the cooled off milk and poppy-seed. We decorate poppy head with raisins, walnuts and almonds.

22 MIXED GINGERBREAD Ingredients: 1/2 kg of flour 250 g of honey 250 g of sugar 150 g of butter 5-6 eggs ½ glass of thick cream 2 spoonfuls of condiment for gingerbread 2 spoonfuls of baking soda 15 g of figs 1 jar of plum jam 1 spoonful of potato flour Preparation: We add butter and sugar into the bowl, grate and add yolk and honey step by step. We pour ½ glass of cream, we put condiment into the gingerbread and half of flour mixed with baking soda.

23 COMPOTE MADE OF DRIED FRUIT Ingredients: 5 dg of dried fruit, apples, pears and apricots, raisins, a piece of cinnamon a few cloves ½ glass of sugar lemon rind or orange rind Preparation: Wash fruit, pour cold water, put in the cold place for a few hours. Boil water with cloves, cinnamon and sugar. Pour fruit and water (in which they were softening), add lemon rind or orange rind and raisins. Cook for around 10 minutes, cover and cool down. Serve in comport bowls or glasses.

24 Portuguese

25 TRADICIONAL RECIPES CHRISTMAS GREEN BROTH Ingredients: 1Kg potatoes 500g onion 100g garlic 2 dl olive oil 1 sausage 2,5 lt water 750 g. sliced green cabbage Preparation: Boil all together the potatoes, onion, garlic, olive oil, sausage and water. Reserve the sausage and slice it. Mix the soup and add the sliced green cabbage until its boiled. Serve with slices of sausage.

26 COD FISH OF CHRISTMAS EVE Ingredients: 800 g. Cod fish 4 Eggs 4 Carrots 400g Chick pea 1 Onion 2 cloves of Garlic 8 Potatoes 100 g. Coriander Olive oil Vinegar Pepper 2 kg Cabbage Preparation: Boiled Cod fish, garnished with boiled potato, carrot, chick pea, egg and cabbage. The accompaniment is chopped onion, garlic and coriander. Sprinkle with olive oil and vinegar.

27 STUFFED TURKEY WITH CHESTNUTS Ingredients: 2kg turkey 2 Oranges 2 Lemons 3 lt. White wine Salt Pepper 3 dl. Olive oil 2 lt. Orange juice 3 kg Chestnuts puree 200g. butter 500 g. Black olives 3dl. o’Porto wine Preparation: Put the turkey in a big pot, fill with water and white wine, sliced orange and lemon, season with salt during 24 hours. Boil the chestnuts and make a puree with butter, season with pepper, salt and sliced olives. Stuff the turkey with this preparation. Put the turkey in a pan season with a mix of olive oil, pepper, salt, o’Porto wine and orange juice. Roast it in the oven, light heat and keep refreshing it either with orange juice or o’Porto wine. Garnish with pine rice, smashed spinach, sautéed mushrooms.

28 BOLO REI Ingredients: 750g. flour 30 g yeast 150 g margerine 150 g sugar 150 g crystallized fruits 150 g dry fruits 4 eggs 1 lemon peel 1 orange peel 1 dl of o’ Porto wine 1 teaspoon of salt 1 small gift 1 bean Preparation: Chop the fruits and marinate them in o’Porto wine. Mix yeast within 1dl of warm water, add 1 teacup of flour and let rest during 15 minutes. Mix margarine with sugar, lemon and orange peels, eggs and mix it all together with the yeast next add the rest of the flour and the salt. Mix very well and add dry and crystallized fruits. Form a ball with the preparation and power it with flour and cover it with a cloth during 5 hours. After the dough doubles, put in a tray and do a hole in the middle. Hide inside the little gift wrapped in paper and the bean, let it rest for another hour. Paint with egg yolk, decorate with crystallized fruits, sugar, pine and half hazelnuts. Put in oven for 1 hour in mild temperature.

29 EASTER Chicken Soup Ingredients: 1 chicken 1 onion 1 clove garlic Water Salt Preparation: Boil the chicken with all ingredients. Take the chicken out and mix the broth, add small noodles until its boiled. Garnish with small pieces of chicken and mint leaves.

30 Roast lamb’s leg with rosemary Ingredients: 1 Lamb’s leg 0,5 dl White Wine 10 cloves of Garlic 30 g. rosemary 50g. Lard 3 dl. Olive oil 3kg. Turnip tops 1kg. Mushrooms 400g. Potatoes 300g. Onions Preparation: Put the lamb’s leg without bones in a white wine and rosemary marinade. Next, roast it within lard and olive oil, and at serving time, slice it and accompany with the roast sauce broth. Serve with turnip tops and sautéed mushrooms and “baker” potatoes (fried segment potato, covered with onion stew, and roast in oven).

31 Easter Pie Ingredients: 2,5 soup spoons of milk 120 gr sugar 110 gr butter 5 eggs 225 gr flour 12 gr yeast 1 egg yolk 1 lemon peel Almonds Preparation Mix yeast with warm milk and let it rest during 10 minutes Mix firmly flour with sugar and lemon peel, add liquid butter and 4 eggs. Add the yeast mixture to the preparation above and let rest for 20 minutes. Boil the 5 Th egg during 12 minutes. Divide the preparation in two similar parts and spread them with rolling pin. Role both parts and roll them with one another. Unite the extremities and put the boiled egg in the centre. Let it rest during 30 minutes, paint with egg yolk and add almond on the top. Put it in oven for 35 minutes. Let it cool and add sugar.

32 Turkish

33 Menü / Menu 1-Mercimek çorbası / Red Lentil Soup 2-Zeytin yağlı biber dolması / Stuffed Pepper with oilve-oil 3-Patlıcan kebabı ya da karnıyarık / Eggplant Kebab or Karnıyarık 4-sütlaç ya da kalbura bastı / Rice Pudding Sütlaç Sütlaç Malzemeler: / Rice Pudding Ingredients : -1 litre süt / 1 (one) litre milk -yarım su bardağı pirinç / half ½ water glass rice -1 su bardağı şeker / 1 water glass sugar -1 çorba kaşığı nişasta / 1 spoon full starch -2 yumurta sarısı / 2 yellow parts of eggs. -yarım paket vanilya / half packect of vanilla Sütlaç Yapılışı Tarifi: / Preperation : Pirinç yıkanıp bir bardak su ile iyice haşlanır. (suyunu çekmelidir.) Wash the rice and boil them with one glass water.(there will be no water ) Süt ve şeker konur. 10 dakika kadar pişirilir. / Add milk and sugar. Cook approx. (10) ten minutes. Nişasta, yumurta sarısı yarım bardaktan az su ile ezilir. / Smash the starch with yellow parts of eggs with half (½) glass of water. Kaynamakta olan sütlaçtan birkaç kaşık alıp, alıştırma yapılır. Get one or two (1 – 2) spoons from boiling rice pudding. Sonra sütlaca katılıp karıştırılır. Ateşten alındıktan sonra vanilya konur. / Then add all to rice pudding and mix. Put vanilla after cooking.

34 Ateşe dayanıklı kaselere boşaltılır. / Pour into the fire resistance pots. İçinde biraz su bulunan tepsiye dizilip fırında üstleri kızartılır. / Array them in a tray and then fry the top of them. Kızarmış sütlaçların üzeri, kurumaması için bir tepsi ile örtülerek soğutulur. / In order not to be dryed the top of them, put another tray and wait for cooling. Not: sade sütlaç, yumurta kulanmadan yapılır. O zaman sütlaç fırınlanmaz; / Note : Simple Rice pudding made without eggs. Do not fry the rice pudding. üzerine tarçın serpilir. / Spray cinnamon on it. Patlıcan Kebabı tarifi / Eggplant Kebab Malzemeler : (4-5 kişilik) / Ingredients. (4-5 people) - 5 adet orta boy patlıcan / 5 middle size eggplants - Yarım kilo iri kuşbaşı doğranmış dana eti / ½ kg cupe chopped calf meat - 2 adet orta boy soğan / 2 middle size onions - 2 adet orta boy domates / 2 middle size tomatoes - 6 diş sarımsak / 6 pieces of garlic - 2 çorba kaşığı margarin ya da tereyağı / 2 spoons full butter - 1 su bardağı sıvı yağ / 1 water glass full olive-oil - 2 adet çarliston biber / 2 long gren pepper - 2 çorba kaşığı domates salçası / 2 spoons full of tomatoe paste - 1 çay kaşığı karabiber / 1 tea spoon full black pepper - 1 tatlı kaşığı tuz / 1 coffe spoon full salt - 1 çay kaşığı pul biber / 1 tea spoon full hot red pepper - 4 su bardağı sıcak su / 4 water glasses of hot water.

35 Yapılışı : / Preperation Tencereye 2 su bardağı sıcak su koyun ve yarım kilo kuşbaşı doğranmış dana etini içine atıp kaynamaya bırakın. Köpüğü çıkana kadar kaynatın ve köpüğünü tamamen bıraktıktan sonra süzgeçten geçirerek soğuk suyla eti yıkayın ve süzün. / Boil the meat with 2 water glass full hot water in the saucepan and after taking its foam filter meat and wash it with cold water. Fitler the meat again. 2 adet orta boy soğan ve 6 diş sarımsağı kuşbaşı dograyın. 2 çorba kaşığı margarin veya tereyağını tencerenizde ısıtın. Soğan ve sarımsakları yağa atarak pembeleşene kadar kavurun. / Chop the onions and garlic. Cook them with butter and olive-oil until they get pink. Tencereye 2 çorba kaşığı salça ekleyerek malzemeleri biraz daha kavurun ve etleri ekleyin. Tekrar 1 dakika kavurun ve 2 su bardağı sıcak su ekleyerek tencerenizi kapatın. Yaklaşık yarım saat kaynamaya bırakın. / Add the tomatoe paste in the saucepan and cook them 1-2 minutes with the meat altogether. Add 2 water glass hot water and cover the saucepan. Leave it for about 30 minutes till boiling. Tavaya 1 su bardağı sıvı yağ koyup 4-5 dakika iyice ısıtın. Patlıcanları alacalı soyarak ve parmak şeklinde her patlıcanı 6-8 parçaya bölün ve alt üst yaparak, altın sarısı olana dek yaklaşık olarak 8-10 dakika kızartın. / Put 1 water glass olive-oil in the frying pan and heat it 4-5 minutes. Peel the eggplants mottled and cut them 6-8 pieces and fry them until the golden color 8-10 minutes. Kızarttığınız patlıcanları bir kevgir yardımı ile yağını süzerek tavadan alın ve kağıt peçete üzerine koyarak yağının iyice süzülmesini sağlayın. / Take all the fried eggplants from the frying pan with the help of colander by filtering its oil. Put all of them onto napkin to remove all the oil.

36 Hazırlanışı : Preperation Patlıcanları alaca soyup ortalarından ikiye ayırın. / Peel the eggpalnts mottled and divide into two parts from the middle. Sonra, içinde bol tuz bulunan suya atarak yarım saat bekletin. / Then wait them in the salty water for about 30 minutes. Patlıcanları tuzlu sudan çıkarıp bol suda yıkayın ve kevgire çıkarın. / Get and wash them with a lot water. Bir kenarda domateslerin kabuklarını soyun. /Peel the tomotaoes. 6 dilim kestikten sonra gerisinin çekirdeklerini çıkartıp küçük parçalara doğrayın. / Cut them 6 pieces. Soğanları zar şeklinde doğrayın. / Chop the onions. Bir tavada çiçek yağını kızdırıp bir bezle kuruladığınız patlıcanları hafif pembemsi bir renk alana kadar kızartın. / Fisrt dry the eggplants and then fry them until pink. KARNIYARIK / eggplant stuffed with meat Malzemeler : Ingredients 6 adet orta boy patlıcan / 6 middle size eggplants 2 adet soğan / 2 onions 3 adet domates / 3 tomatoes 250 gr. Kıyma / 250 grams mince meat 1/3 bardak çiçek yağı / 1/3 water glas olive oil 2 çorba kaşığı margarin / 2 spoon full margarin (butter) 1 bardak et suyu / 1 water glass full meat broth 1/2 demet maydanoz / ½ bunch parsley Karabiber / black pepper Tuz / salt Diğer bir tavada 2 çorba kaşığı margarin eritip, soğanları 1-2 dakika kavurun. /Melt the butter and roast the onions in another frying pan 1-2 minutes. Kıymanın 4/5`ini ilave edip kavurmaya devam edin. / Add 4/5 of the minced meat and continue roasting. Kıymalar suyunu salıp da tekrar çekilince, domatesleri ekleyerek kavurun. / Add the tomatoes and continue roasting after the minced meat gives out and takes

37 back its meat broth. Hafifçe renk alınca, ateşten alın ve tuz, karabiber ile kıymanın geri kalanını ilave edip karıştırın. / After getting its color, move it from the heat and add salt, black pepper and the rest of the minced meat and mix them all. Bu karışımı yarılmış patlıcanların içlerine doldurun ve üzerlerine birer dilim domates koyun. / Stuff this mixture inside the divided aggplants and put one slice of tomatoe onto them. Patlıcanları bir tepsi üzerinde yan yana dizin. / Array the stuffed eggplants onto a tray side by side. 1 bardak sıcak et suyunu üzerlerine döküp fırında veya ateş üzerinde 20 dakika kadar pişirin. / Pour onto them 1 water glass full of meat broth and cook in the oven or on the cooker for about 20 minutes.. Üzerine kıyılmış maydanozlar serperek servis yapın. /Spray minced parsley on them and serve. Mercimek çorbası / Red Lentil Soup Malzemeler; Ingredients 2 Su bardağı kırmızı mercimek / 2 water glass full of red lentilkırmızı mercimek 5 Su bardağı su / 5 water glass full of watersu 2 Adet soğan / 2 onionssoğan 1 Çay bardağı sıvı yağ / 1 tea glass full of olive oilsıvı yağ 1 Yemek kaşığı salça / 1 spoon full of tomatoe pastesalça 1 Tablet tavuk suyu kalıbı / 1 tablet chicken brothtavuk suyu 1 Tatlı kaşığı kırmızı biber / 1 spoon full red pepperkırmızı biber 1 Yemek kaşığı kuru nane / 1 spoon full dry mintkuru nane

38 Yapılışı; Preperation Önce soğanlarımızı ince ince doğrayıp yağda kavuruyoruz. / First cut the onion then fry them in the oil. Önceden yıkadığımız mercimeği, salçayı ve 1 tablet tavuk suyu kalıbını soğanların bulunduğu tencereye atıyoruz. / Put the pre-washed lentil, tomatoe paste and 1 tablet of chicken broth in the saucepan altogether. Ardından kaynar su ilave ediyoruz. / Later add boiling water. Bu şekilde yaklaşık 10 dakika kaynatıyoruz. / Boil it about 10 minutes. 10 dakika sonra tenceredeki malzemeleri ince bir süzgeç yardımıyla süzüyoruz (bu işlem mercimeği daha küçük parçalara ayırmak için). / After 10 minutes fitler it. (This is for dividing the lentil into very very small pieces.) Süzdükten sonra tekrar tenceremize alarak bir kere daha kaynatıyoruz. / After fitlering the lentil put it in the saucepan again and boil it. Son kaynama sırasında ağız tadımıza göre nane, tuz ve kırmızı biber ekliyoruz. /After last boiling, according to the flavor, add mint, salt and red pepper.

39 Zeytinyağlı biber dolması / Stuffed Pepper with olive-oil Malzemeler / Ingredients 1 Kg.1 Dolmalık Biber / 1 kg. sweet (bell) pepper 6 Tane Soğan / 6 onions 3 Tane Domates / 3 tomatoes 3 Diş Sarımsak / 3 pieces of garlic 2 Tatlı Kaşığı Kuş Üzümü / 2 spoon full of currant 2 Tatlı Kaşığı Fıstık / 2 spoon full of pistachio nut 1/2 Maydanoz / ½ bunch parsley 2 Su Bardağı Pirinç / 2 water glass full of rice 1 Çay Bardağı Zeytinyağı / 1 water glass full of olive-oil Nane / mint Karabiber / black pepper 1/2 Limon / ½ lemon Tuz / salt Yemeğin Tarifi / Preperation Soğan,sarımsak ve fıstıkları zeytinyağında pembeleşene kadar kavurun. / Roast onion, garlic and pistachio nuts in olive-oil till pink. Pirincide yıkayıp suyunu süzün ve tencereye ilave edin. / Wash the rice and fitler its water and add to the saucepan. Pirincide kavurduktan sonra domates,kuş üzümü,dolmalık fıstık,nane,karabiber,tuz, limon suyunu ekleyip kısık ateşte biraz pişirin. / After frying the rice, add tomtoes, currant, pistachio nuts, mint, black pepper, salt, lemon juice and cook them all at low heat. Maydanozu ilave edip tencereyi ateşten alın. / Add parsley and move the saucepan from the heat. Biberlerin içini ayıklayıp hazırladığımız içi biberlere doldurun. / Clean the indise of sweet (bell) peppers and put the prepared stuffing in them.

40 Biberlerin ağzını domates ile kapatıp tencereye dizin. / Cover them with sliced tomatoes and array them in the saucepan. Tencerenin yarısına kadar kaynamış su ekleyip pişirin. / Add boiling water half of the saucepan and cook. Soğuk servis edin / Serve cool

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